Here’s the definitive top 10 reasons why event professionals hate venues.

  1. I ask for information, you send me a novel
  2. I call at 4pm on Friday and you’re gone for the weekend
  3. I bring my client on a site inspection and you tell him about stuff other event companies have done
  4. I look for simple capacity information on the website and there’s nothing there
  5. You’re a civil servant and don’t understand life in the business world
  6. You don’t have proper scaled CAD drawings of the venue
  7. You sell me space for 100 but only 90 can fit in there
  8. You don’t know how the AV works
  9. You insist on doing the full site inspection when all I need is a simple overview
  10. You’re too rigid, inflexible and strict on price, type of event, use of venue

At the end of the day, we need venues in order to do our thing. Without venues, pure and simple, there are no events. But so many venues place obstacles all along the pathway to success and turn it into a veritable minefield. This is not good. We need to work together. To trust each other. To recognise that each of us is a professional with a job to do. There’s a middle ground with no obstacles,  no hoops to jump through or awkward fences to scale. It’s free from hidden dangers. Let’s find that middle ground and find success together!