Chances are brides won’t be planning their own engagement parties so here are some things to consider to ensure you get the planning just right for them!

1. Decide Who’s Hosting

Is it the bride, the mother or the bride, the maid-of-honour, a venue? Determine who is hosting and delegate responsibilities so you know who is in charge of what.

2. Pick a Date

Many engagement parties are held when the engagement is still fresh. Some couples even plan their own parties and use it as an opportunity to announce their engagement to family and friends!

3. Choose a Guest List

Typically the guest list for an engagement party is much smaller than that of a wedding. Include immediate family and close friends.

4. Decide on Gifts

If you’ve decided you are registering for gifts, be sure to do so in advance and share the information with attendees. If you aren’t, be sure to inform guests that gifts aren’t needed.

5. Plan the Menu

Are you having a full meal? Appetizers and finger foods? Cocktails? Work out the details with the host or venue.

6. Set the Scene

Pick up some fresh blooms and arrange pictures of the newly engaged couple to set the tone for the evening.

7. Creep her Pinterest

If she’s anything like me, chances are she has a Pinterest board devoted to her dream wedding-related parties! Refer to her own planning and Pinterest board to understand her style and what she might like for her engagement party.

Happy Planning!