When it comes to throwing the perfect launch party, here are some tips you need to follow:

If you Can, Hire the Help

If you can, always pay an expert when it comes to things that count. Hire a team to help you manage the logistics of the party, like running the door, bartending, and taking photos.

Know Your Objectives

Why are you doing this? What is the best result that may come from this event?
Do you want brand recognition, to raise funds, to educate the market on what you do, generate leads or look for partners, or promote the release of your product or service?

Finding the Perfect Venue

Venues are not cheap and neither is catering so when budgeting always ask about hidden venue costs.

Always try and see if there is a minimum spend and compare this to the flat venue hire fee. Unless you have free food and drinks from sponsors, a minimum spend is often a much better idea.

Keep your Invitation Simple

Most people think you need to write a ton of copy for your guest list. Or that you need to make it sound fancy. For a launch event, keep it simple.

What is your Budget?

If you’re the usual startup, you have no money for anything, let alone cash for the best launch party money can buy. If you do have cash it is still a tough sell to explain how you spend a significant chunk of change on a party for your investors.

One fantastic way to budget for a party is to get sponsors on board. Check out who sponsors events similar to yours and find an intro, or try to get in touch by emailing the company or contact them on LinkedIn.

The Crowd

When putting together a powerful invitation list, think about who you want in the room, link this to the ROI and purpose of the event. Like writing a good book, always be thinking of your audience. A group of possible financiers do not bother with the hottest DJ and a cash bar. Invite them to a dinner party or a whiskey and cigar night in a venue they have probably not been to.

Remind Everyone Why They Are There

Always, always, always, take the time at events to inform your audience of why they’re there! You can perform a live demo of your product or service (always test this earlier in the day) or a quick speech. Save the long stuff for when you are face to face with those that actually care or will truly understand.

Happy planning!