It’s truly amazing how far display technology has come in the last decade! Here are a few different ways to incorporate innovative technology into your next event.

1. Get Interactive with Kiosks

Every planner knows that sign printing can be expensive. What about when the inevitable happens and you wind up having to move a breakout session? Or maybe you get a last-minute sponsor? Printing requires lead time, pickup or delivery. All of that hassle can be avoided by using interactive displays or kiosks spread throughout your event.

2. Go Even Bigger with Video Walls

It’s time to think big. Whether it’s an interactive timeline about the history of your organization, a fun game to get things rolling as people arrive, or some other multi-touch experience, these display walls can really add a high-tech punch to an entrance or side-wall of your event.

3. Get Creative with Projection

Creative event planners around the world have discovered that projectors can be used for amazing and dramatic effects not only in their main meeting rooms, but also in registration areas, reception spaces, and even outside the venue on the walls of the building.

4. Wireless Hotspots

If you’re not ready to provide your staff with phones, you can at least give the office internet a bump in connectivity, and again potentially save some money. Many venues are still charging an arm and a leg for WiFi service and, even if they’re not, who knows what kind of range or speeds you’ll get.

5. Topped Off with Charging Stations

Back to the attendees! Whether it’s a custom cocktail table with built-in cables, a standing station with a flat-screen display, or a secure and interactive lockbox, charging stations are must-have technology for today’s events.

6. Get Your Game On with Consoles

It’s easy to rent and set up the latest game consoles, whether it’s Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox. If you want to appeal to a wide selection of your audience, you could even rent all three. While many people think of gaming as a solo activity, you can combine the technology with the large wall displays mentioned above to create a dynamic group experience.

7. Immersive Fun with Virtual Reality

There’s no doubt about it, VR is finally coming of age. Whether it’s offering views of far-away scenic vistas, technical demonstrations, blowing away aliens, or showing off a new product, nothing makes a splash like virtual reality.

How are you incorporating tech into your next event? Let us know with a comment below!

Happy planning!