As my close family and friends begin to settle down and grow their families, gender reveal parties are becoming more common and recurring in my life. If you find yourself in a similar boat, I’ve put together some tips to help you in your planning!

Create a Theme

The whole point of a gender reveal party is to find out the sex of the baby, which means decorating in only pink or only blue kind of defeats the purpose. Use gender-neutral colours or an assortment of blue and pink!

Schedule an Ultrasound

Making sure you have the gender reveal party after the baby is far enough along to determine the sex is kind of a big deal. Don’t plan the date too early, and make sure you schedule an ultrasound with enough time to have another one in the event the baby is crossing its legs or not cooperating that day.

Decide Who’s Invited

Are you inviting immediate family and close friends or opening up to include cousins and extended family as well? Decide this before choosing where to host it.

Select the Venue

If the weather is nice and you’re expecting a fair amount of people, considering hosting the event at a public park or green space. If you’re having the event in the winter, make sure someone has volunteered to host the event before you start planning.

Plan the Reveal

Who is responsible for the reveal? Are you using a cake, balloons? This is the main purpose of the party so making sure it’s done right is important!

Happy planning!