May 2-4 and Canada Day are right around the corner. Oh, and did we also mention wedding season? There are tonnes of opportunities to invite friends and family to your home to celebrate Canadian holidays or the love of two people. If you’ve taken it upon yourself to be the host for any of these events, we’re proud of you! Planning and hosting events is a huge task that can be stressful and overwhelming to even the most seasoned event planner. But don’t fret! If there’s one thing you won’t have to worry about, it’s how to keep your guests entertained all day (or night) long! Check out these backyard games, great for all occasions!

Lawn Bowling

Perfect for party-goers of all ages, lawn bowling’s objective is to get your ball as close to the target ball as possible. Be careful though! You can knock other balls out of the way, and they can knock yours out, too.


For those with a competitive side, volleyball is a great way to burn some energy and make friends with other party-goers. Set up a portable volleyball net and you’re good to go!


So you like sports, but you’re afraid of the ball? Welcome to the club! That’s only one reason badminton is my go-to game at family reunions.

Beer Pong

For a 19+ crowd, a beer pong tournament has never been frowned upon. Draw names out of a hat to select teams and then set up your tournament. You’ll be good for hours of entertainment.


Now, this game can get a little messy depending on the nature of your guests. You may want to exclude the bride from this one if it’s a backyard wedding you’re hosting! (You know, unless she’s planning a ‘Trash the Dress’ ceremony anyways) Tug-of-war can be done one-on-one, or in larger teams. How you get down and dirty is totally up to you.

Lawn Twister

An outdoorsy spin on this classic will create the perfect outdoor game that’s both easy to assemble and even easier to find participants for. Spray paint a twister map on the grass and you’re good to go! Kids and adults alike will be eager to join in on the fun.

Ring Toss

A classic game that we play each year is ring toss. Even if you have horrible aim, ring toss is still a great way to meet new people while trying to impress that certain someone you’ve been fawning over all afternoon. For extra fun, turn this one-off game into a tournament!

Bean Bag Toss

Who doesn’t enjoy a classic bean bag toss? No matter what the age, the bean bag toss is always a hit. Use buckets with allotted points or a board with a hole cut into one end. This is another fun game to play tournament-style!

Slip ‘N Slide

An experience that will never get old for children and adults alike: the Slip ‘N Slide. Cool off in the hot weather or award points to the most creative slide! Extra points for freestyle!

We hope this helps you when planning the perfect backyard party! What are your favourite outdoor games?