Event planning can be stressful for even the most seasoned event planner. Let us help make the experience as painless as possible with a few helpful and easy-to-use apps for your smartphone or tablet!


The idea is pretty simple. If you want to get on with some task, you plant a tree within the app. If you can stay in Forest for a set period of time, the tree will grow. If you get distracted and open Facebook, it will wither and die.


Streaks is another app that doesn’t directly let you do anything that you couldn’t do before, but should help you form the habits you need to just be a bit more productive in general. You choose up to six tasks that you want to be regular habits. Complete one, and you extend your streak. Fail to, and it resets. It’s that simple.


Evernote allows you to write, collect inspiration, collaborate, and present – all from one workspace. This app is perfect for keeping everyone in the loop through your event planning journey.


Slack is the perfect way to communicate – especially with team members and vendors from different locations. Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It allows real-time messaging, archiving, and search.


Perfect for scheduling meetings with everyone involved in your event planning process, Doodle allows you to find a time and date for a meeting by presenting a poll to those involved. The most popular date and time wins and is therefore the meeting time. Perfect for those of us who are a tad indecisive.


The amazing thing about the Blossom app, is it allows for clean, straightforward project management which is essential for event planners.  Blossom organizes tasks into a subset of cards and then requires them to each be physically dragged through a series of professional steps so everyone can see where the task is at, at all times.


Bizzabo is an all-in-one event planning software that helps organizers manage ticketing, communication, promoting, networking, and analyzing one or several events, depending on your personal needs.


Todoist is one of the classics, and it’s still got plenty going for it. It’s available across more than ten different platforms, so you can track what you have to get done across just about every device you own, online and offline.

We promised we were going to help make your life easier! Now all you have to do is hit ‘Download’. Happy planning!