Wedding planning can be hard enough without having to worry about if people are going to RSVP in time. By setting up an RSVP website, you can save both yourself, and your guests, the hassle! Here are some of our favourites.


Once you set up your account, you can create a guest list. The site encourages you to send out invitations by paper but do not provide an RSVP envelope. Instead you instruct prospective guests to access an online page where they can respond to your invitation.


This is a full on wedding website in that it allows you to set up a personalized wedding website where you can also plan your event. For those who only need the RSVP feature you can create an account and ignore the other features. However it works best for those wantng RSVP plus other services provided by wedding websites such as planning.


This is another great yet simple free online RSVP service. With this site, you can create customized RSVP forms which means that you can gather as many details about your guests as you want. This includes number of family members. accompanying guests, any medical conditions such as allergies to certain foods, and estimated time of arrival.


If you want to make your wedding planning easy, this is the go-to site. It provides a wide range of planning tools including online RSVP.


Just like, this website is ideal for those who want to use full wedding planning features. On, you can create your own website complete with your preferred customizations and most importantly, you can track your guest info.

Happy planning!