1. Event pros are starting to replace the word “event” with “experience.”
Rather than engaging attendees primarily at the event itself, new technologies provide several additional opportunities to interact before, during and after an event.

2. The emotional connection between a brand and consumer is more important than ever.
By providing consumers with engaging experiences in which they can actively participate and interact with the brand in some capacity, it increases the attendees’ likelihood to become more emotionally invested in that brand and the product or service it provides.

3. Event marketers can be more effective by understanding psychology.
It’s important for event marketers to understand how people think and how things affect them emotionally.

4. Integrated technology solutions are important to better understand things like event ROI.
Tie systems like CRMs and marketing automation platforms together for a better overall understanding of event ROI and effectiveness.

5. Mobile event apps are on the rise, and are here to stay.
Using these apps has the potential to enhance the guest experience, from something as simple as streamlining the guest check-in process to more complex aspects like driving deeper engagements through in-event interactions.

6. Brands have shifted from spending money on “stuff” to spending it on experiences.
Research has disproven a previously logical assumption that people made when spending their money: that because a physical objects will last longer, they will make us happier for a longer time than a one-off experience like a concert or vacation. As a result, brands are starting to put more money towards experiences rather than swag.

What event trends are you most looking forward to seeing long-term? Let us know!