Part of my wedding planning has involved planning our upcoming buck and doe to help offset some of our wedding costs. With that comes the need to collect raffle items, many of which I’ve been lucky enough to receive via donation. The idea of a buck and doe is to come out with more than you put into the event, so ideally you don’t want to be spending large amounts on your raffle prizes, which is where donations come in handy! Here are a few different ways we secured donations from businesses:

Make it Personal

We appealed to the businesses we reached out to by making it personal. Write a letter explaining a bit of your story and what the buck and doe will help you achieve. I included a picture and a few different ways we’ve both participated and given back to the community which seemed to be a huge success.

Support Local

Smaller businesses often times want to spread the word and are more likely to support other people from the community. I reached out to several small businesses asking for donations in return for some exposure on the event page which leads to…

Give Back

Where you’re able, try to shout out the businesses who have donated. Post it to your Facebook or Instagram story, the event page, etc. Tag the business and give them as much exposure as possible as a sign of appreciation for their donation. This will also help to bring people in because you can tease prizes throughout the weeks leading up to your event.

How did you appeal to businesses for donations for your raffle table? Let me know by leaving a comment below!