When you love what you do, you can look forward to a productive Monday, rather than dreading it. The same goes for event planners and industry folk alike! Here are a few Monday practices that can keep you on track all week long!

Update your calendar

It’s important to block out time for all the priority projects you need to tackle that week. Scheduling all of the calls you know you’ll have is important to ensure you know what’s on your calendar. This helps you both professionally and personally – so you understand what you have ahead of you and can plan accordingly.

Clean out your inbox

There’s no better feeling than a well-managed inbox so spend the first few hours of Monday morning combing through emails and getting back to anything you missed the previous week.

Set daily goals

With competing priorities, a set task list can be hard to follow. There’s always something popping up and throwing us off. So set just a single daily goal – the biggest thing you absolutely must achieve each day of the week. That way no matter what pops up, you have one big business thing to focus on before you can call the day successful.

How do you ensure your Mondays are productive and a good kick-start to the rest of the week? Let us know by leaving a comment down below – we’d love to hear your tips! Especially if you’re in the business of event planning!