Halloween is exactly a week and a day away, so be prepared for a plethora of Halloween posts over the next week! Today’s post will help you get your place in spooktacular shape for all the trick-or-treaters, or if you’re having people over for a Halloween party (and if you’re feeling like you might want me there, my contact info is available on this site, I’m just sayin’).

Onward to the DIY Halloween decor!

1. Black Cat Twinkle Lights


Who doesn’t already have twinkle lights hanging around their home? Spook up these babies by adding black cat heads and using the lights for eyes! Affordable, resourceful, and super easy!

2. Black Cat Pumpkins


On the them of black cats, how could you not find these to be ridiculously festive and adorable? The days of carving pumpkins (until next week’s post) are over – simply paint the large pumpkin black, carve out a small gourd, and voila! You’ve got black cat pumpkins gracing your front step!

3. Pumpkin Lightbulbs


Pumpkin lightbulbs are a super easy and cute idea for some simple decor to spice up some other areas of your home. Simply paint some old lightbulbs and string them up, or prop them on egg holders. Put these in the bathroom or on the counter to add a bit of holiday spirit in every room of your house!

4. Bloody Candles


Use a lit red candle to drip wax over an unused white candle to get the effect of these gory center pieces. Put the candles on some old fashioned candle holders and boom! You’ve got the perfect spooky center piece!

5. Head in a Jar


Okay but really, who doesn’t want a head in a jar at their party, or scare the living daylights out of their friends with their sick sense of humor? Stretch out a photo so the width is longer than the height – it’s totally fine if this looks distorted on the computer or when you print it, because the water will make it look super spooky anyways. Roll up the picture and put it in a jar – the paper will expand from the roll taking up the space of the jar and there you have it! Spooky head in a jar. Just imagine all the different pictures you can put in jars of all sizes…

Well, there you have it friends! My top five favourite DIY Halloween decorations. Be sure to check out the links for additional info! What are some of your favourite ways to spook up your place for Halloween? Let me know!