So you’ve somehow inherited an even that is struggling and are looking to turn it around and get it back on its feet? You’re in luck! Here are some tips to help you save that struggling event, fast!


Unfortunately, you can’t rely on your client or previous staff to tell you what’s wrong or how bad it is because the people involved might be underreporting the problems, they may feel overwhelmed, or they may just want to get the event off their hands and move on from it and therefore aren’t taking the time to do the proper investigation that’s necessary.

When you’re coming in to take over, always assume it’s worse than what you were told. If you’re prepared for it, you won’t feel so overwhelmed from the start.


Attendees will only remember the food and the exhibitors for so long but an experience will captivate them and cause them to share it with others. After you’ve analyzed the problemwith the event and changed your focus to people and personalization, it’s time to think about that experience.

Attendee experience is always important. Even currently successful events need to focus on it to remain successful. What works one year may not continue to work years into the future. Instead of reinventing the wheel each year, look for ways to improve the experience.


If your budget doesn’t support bringing in a branding expert for a consultation, you’ll need to do a lot of that rebranding research yourself. Companies are always in need of rebranding and a failing event will need the same. You can change everything about the event and make it the best event ever, but if it’s brand remains the same, and people think the event is the same as it always was, those changes won’t amount to anything.

How have you saved a failing event? Let us know with a comment below!

Happy planning!