Looking to stretch your event budget to make the most out of your upcoming event? Here are some ways to make a little go a long way.

Sell Swag

Sell swag or a useful item on your registration site before the event. This gives you an additional revenue stream beforehand when you need it. It also helps increase excitement among event attendees and ensures they have the swag they want before they even get there.

Get Creative with Your Venue

Outdoor spaces are often less expensive than renting a hall. However, not all outdoor spaces are cheap. Instead of formal gardens and other traditional outdoor areas, look for ones that are less likely to have hosted events before.

Don’t Write It Off Due to Space

Sometimes it’s less expensive to add an outdoor area to a smaller indoor one with a tent, then it is to opt for the larger conference room. Crunch the numbers and see what you get. When you’re on a tight budget, creativity is your best friend.

Don’t Serve a Meal

Eliminating a meal can save you money in several ways:

  • Food. Appetizers or finger-sized desserts are less expensive than a four-course meal.
  • Table and linen rentals. You won’t need as many if it’s a mingling event instead of a sit-down meal.
  • Waitstaff. Again, you don’t need as many people serving if it’s not a formal seated meal.
  • Space. You can accommodate more people without the bulky tables.

Check Out Inclusive Furniture

Some venues come with tables and chairs, while others you’ll need to rent them (we have those!). Price out both options to see which will save you the most.

Negotiate or Barter

Some costs might as well be etched in stone, while others are negotiable. It never hurts to ask about the price.

Use Sponsors

If there’s part of your budget that you just don’t want to skimp on, get a sponsor. Almost anything can be sponsored if you have an audience and a way to get your sponsor views.

What are some other ways you’ve stretched your budget in the past? Let us know with a comment below!

Happy planning!