Now that you know what a party planner does and what’s important to that role, it’s time to break down how to launch a successful party planning business. First, let’s look at the steps to becoming a party planner and how those lay the groundwork for your business.

1. Learn what it takes and what the difference is between party planner and event planner

It’s important to understand the differences between a party planner and other kinds of event planners. Take the time to think about your skills and the types of groups you enjoy working with. Clients expect very different things from party planners than they do a meeting planner.

2. Gain planning experience

Few people will hire you without event planning experience so it is essential to get some. But where? Volunteer your services for a non-profit or help out at a venue that hosts parties often like a museum. If you’re still working outside of the industry, offer to plan your company’s next party or be the party planner for a friend.

3. Select a niche and begin networking in that industry

Party planning is a huge and often undervalued field. Anyone can plan a party, right? That’s why a niche is so important. A niche can help you set yourself apart from other party planners and helps you command top-dollar in your salary.

4. Build your personal brand

Because of the importance of networking and referral marketing to a party planner’s career, it is essential to build a personal brand that people know, like, and trust. As a party planner, you are your product so make sure it’s something people want to buy.

Here are ten things that make for a good party planning business.

  1. Don’t undersell yourself from a pricing perspective.
  2. Choose your clients just as they choose you.
  3. Do something no one else is willing to or can.
  4. Stay hungry.
  5. Find some support and knowledge.
  6. Keep your overhead down initially.
  7. Stay up on social media.
  8. Delight your clients.
  9. Set up a referral culture in your party planning business.
  10. Be thankful.

Happy planning!