It’s getting to that time of year! The Kentucky Derby is just around the corner and with that comes derby parties! In this week’s post, we’re collecting some of our favourite Kentucky Derby party ideas and sharing them with you to ensure yours is one guests never forget! Let’s get started!

Derby Hat Contest

If there’s one thing the Kentucky Derby is known for, it’s extravagant outfits, most commonly, hats. A Kentucky Derby-themed party is nothing without a derby hat contest! Have guests wear their best interpretations and have them vote on their favourite at the end of the day.

Derby Wreath

Utilizing derby décor is a great way to get in the spirit of the Kentucky Derby from the comfort of your own home! Utilize a derby wreath on your front door to make guests feel like they’ve stepped into the winner’s circle!

Derby Bets

Have guests place bets and have the Kentucky Derby streaming in the background for them to cheer on their favourite prospects!

Horse-themed desserts

Horseshoe cookies, pony cupcakes, and haystacks are a few great ways to incorporate horses into your Derby-themed party.

Southern comfort foods

Southern comfort foods are a must-have at this party! Incorporate sliders, pulled pork, and bourbon for some authentic, Kentucky Derby feels.


Guests love a great photo-booth! Create your own props using extravagant hats, Monopoly money, derby wreaths and more! Provide guests with a Polaroid so they can take home their pictures, or if they’d prefer, they can have someone use their phone.


‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ might’ve been a popular game in childhood, but ‘Pin the tail on the horse’ is even better for a derby party!

Happy planning!