When it comes to planning a stag & doe, there are a couple of tips to consider to ensure the process is as smooth as possible!

1. Helpers

Usually the Stag and Doe is a fundraiser prepared by the bridal party to help the Bride and Groom with future wedding expenses. Your bridal party will help you with ticket sales, running the games, being at the door letting people in who have tickets or walk-ins, selling drink tickets and even bartending.

2. Location

Planning your Stag and Doe doesn’t take long but with many other events going on remember to select your date (usually 1-3 months prior to your wedding) book your hall way in advance giving you lots of time to carefully plan your Stag and Doe.

3. Ticket Sales

Appoint a number of people to sell the stag and doe admission tickets. Suggested price range of tickets… $10 per person or $15-20 per couple. The average guest should plan to drop at least $15 to $20 on games of chance or skill and $20 on alcohol.

4. Brainstorming Games and Other Money Making Ideas

If you want to call out raffle numbers the traditional way then I suggest to a max of 15 door prizes should be lined up on the table, but if you happen to have a lot more for example like 30 door prizes instead of calling them one by one then you can draw the numbers on side and write down the winners on a bristol board and remind the guests through out the night that the winners are posted and to go check from time to time to see if they have won a prize. On the right side of the page are some other great and traditional games that will make your night fun.

5. The Bar

This is where lots of the money can be made if the hall you rent allows you to bring in your own alcohol. Remember you need a Liquor license which can be bought from the LCBO and must be visible somewhere where a by-law officer can see it in case they do a routine check.

6. Prizes

Don’t be afraid to call around some stores around your city and mention you’re hosting a Stag and Doe and if they have any gift certificates they could give away. Also family and friends are also a great resources for donating prizes.

Happy planning!