With approximately 50% of the world’s population creating New Year Resolutions, we decided to take a look at some that can relate specifically to our event planning community! Let’s get started.

Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

As we mentioned in a previous post, having a life outside of work can be a challenge when you’re on-call 24/7. This year, commit to finding a balance using some of our tips!

Commit to Running Engaging Events

Common events are not enough. This year, commit to running events that are engaging to your audience. Think of unique themes and venues to ensure your event stands apart from the rest!

Embrace New Technology

Check out event planning apps and various ways to use social media to improve your organization and overall event!

Get Our of Your Bubble

Consider expanding or changing your niche and focus and taking on a challenge! You might be pleasantly surprised!

Say ‘No’

Whether this applies to work or life, learning how to say ‘no’ will be one of the biggest services you could ever do for yourself!


Find ways to get your ‘me’ time in and de-stress outside of work! Even planners are stressed enough as it is!

Start Your Own Company

Have you been waiting for the right time to jump into business on your own? Sometimes there is no better time than ‘now’! Use 2016 to create a business plan and do the proper market research before you go at it alone.

What resolutions are you making this year? Let us know with a comment below!

Happy planning!