Whenever the birthday of a spouse or BFF is just around the corner, most of us start brainstorming for a way to spend that special day. Sure, you can take that person for a nice dinner at his/her favorite restaurant. But you have to admit, the dinner is not nearly as fun as throwing your friend or loved one a surprise birthday party! Here are some tips to ensure it’s a success.

Pick Your Theme

Before you do any other planning for your party, you must decide on the overall theme of the party! Planning the party around the person’s interests is a way to ensure they’ll love it and it’s also a great way to get guests involved.

Find a Party Location

The location of your surprise party is quite important. Having it in your home if you live with your spouse can make it impossible to keep the party a surprise. Consider renting a room at a restaurant or using a friend’s house so it’s unexpected and inexpensive. Ensure there is enough room for all the guests attending, and a place for them to hide never hurts, either!

Invite Your Guests

When deciding who to invite, it’s important to try and think of the list the way your spouse would. Would they invite co-workers or just close friends and family? Ensure everyone knows the event is a surprise and that the people you’re inviting can keep a secret.

Plan Your Menu

Unless your partner is used to you preparing large volumes of food in your kitchen, it will probably be best to order the food from another source or have it catered.

A surprise party is a great way to show a loved one just how much they’re appreciated and thought of. Taking the time to plan out the party can really go a long way in ensuring the guest of honour has a great time.

Happy planning!