It’s not unusual for event planners to find themselves planning recurring events for clients. Unfortunately, this means event planners have to ensure they never stop evolving and innovating. So, how does an event planner continue to pull of successful recurring events that never get boring? Here are some of our tips:

Riveting Content
Next to face-to-face networking, content is the main driver of event attendance. If you focus on providing excellent educational content to your attendees, your event will be a success. Consider mixing it up by hosting certification classes or roundtables that give attendees an interactive educational experience they’ll reference long after your event has ended. If 20% of your attendees come from a pharmaceutical company, tailor your content for them or create a specific track to accommodate what they would find most valuable.

Ask Your Audience
There’s no such thing as too much feedback. No matter how smooth your event goes, you should always aim for an even better attendee experience. Make sure to survey your attendees about content and speakers in advance in order to optimize your event agenda. Throughout the event, ensure you’re getting immediate input on how each session, dining experience, and networking portion of your event is going. Knowing what your attendees want and what they liked/didn’t like will give you powerful insights on how to make next year’s event an even greater success.

Integrate Innovative Technology
Event technology is a growing field that should always be integrated into the event experience. Whether making check-in lines move faster or displaying attendees’ social media posts on the big screen, onsite technologies can have a huge impact on the overall event feel. From hologram technology to over-the-top screen technology, embrace event technology and you’ll make the entire event experience more interactive for your attendees.

Inspiring & Creative Entertainment
What would an event be without entertainment? Announcing a keynote speaker that your attendees recognize or admire is a great way to enrich their experience and drive legitimacy to the content and keep people engaged. It also allows planners to ultimately shape the focal point of the event experience. Speakers aren’t the only way to entertain your attendees! Throw in some surprises like a celebrity guest visit during a networking session or a flash-dance mob in the middle of general session.  Keeping your attendees guessing about what exciting things you have in store for them is the key to keeping them engaged and loyal to your event.

How do you keep your events engaging? Let us know with a comment below!