Our days tend to fly by, so it’s important to maximize productivity to ensure you’re using your time wisely. Here are some quick tips to help improve your overall productivity this year.

General Productivity Quick Tips
Here are some of the top suggestions commonly found in productivity books and posts.

  • Start your day with a To-Do list – Getting all your tasks down on paper is a great way to get an overview of what needs to be accomplished so you can plan out your day.
  • Don’t multi-task – Multi-tasking has been shown time and time again to be inefficient and ineffective. It’s time to learn how to single-task or shift-task so that you can power through each individual task and get things done.
  • Get enough sleep – There is a definite correlation between lack of sleep and a lack of productivity in the workplace. Ensure to take the time for yourself so you can work to your fullest potential during the day.
  • Take breaks – Studies have shown that by taking a break and stretching or walking around at regular intervals can noticeably increase performance during prolonged tasks.

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Happy planning!