Trade shows, conventions, and expos are among the best outlets to meet new people and prospective clients, and you can rack up the leads if you promote yourself with promotional products they love. Without in-demand promo items to help initiate conversation and remind people what your company does, your booth may go unnoticed (or worse—potential buyers may flock to your competitors’ booths). Your company needs to do something special if you want to avoid losing business.

You’ll want to stay away from the personalized pens or notepads that you’d normally customize for everyday promotional purposes. You want promotional items that are creative, memorable, trendy, and even a bit out of the ordinary so that people will actually remember you instead of forgetting you after they stop at your booth for free stuff. Here are some of our favourites:

Custom Golf Balls and Golf Accessories 

Golfers and other visitors who love the game will definitely remember you for a long time if you’re handing out promotional golf balls or golf accessories. Golf balls tell people that you show an interest in their work as well as in their play, and that says more in today’s business climate than you realize. 

Tote Bags

Attendees use customized tote bags to hold the rest of their items as they walk around and explore. What better way to set yourself apart and ensure that your message is seen?

Water Bottles

If you imprint your logo on some colorful, high-quality drinkware then you can guarantee that recipients will hold onto it. You would keep a durable and reusable drink container if you received one, wouldn’t you?

Mood Products

Mood items have fascinated people for years (mood rings are STILL in style) and they give everyday promotional items a new and exciting spin.

Custom Bobble Heads

People keep cool “toys” at their desks or on display in their homes and show them to others. How do you guarantee that your competitors won’t show up with exactly the same promotional product as you? Custom Bobble Heads can be COMPLETELY customized to your specifications, so you could make them look like your boss, your company mascot, or even yourself!

Personalized Jackets and Shirts

Do you have any idea how much people love free t-shirts? They love them more than any other promotional product. People are thrilled when they get new apparel and if your brand is trendy enough, they won’t hesitate to wear their t-shirt or jacket regularly.

Promotional products provide you with excellent connections at trade shows, expos, and conventions, both with clients and potential clients. Take advantage of this opportunity and use unique items from this list that will truly get you noticed!