Spring is officially here! It’s time to think out of the garden box and infuse your events with spring-inspired themes! Here are some ideas guaranteed to put your guests in the mood for spring:

Cherry Blossom

Celebrating the cherry blossoms in Toronto’s High Park is something that happens every year. Plan an event to celebrate or choose a venue overlooking the stunning scene to instantly give your event a fresh, floral boost.

April Showers

Utilize this popular slogan with rain-inspired decor and activities! Play music from Singing in the Rain, have fountains, and staff dressed in ponchos and rain boots!

Spring Break

Bring lounge chairs, umbrellas, beach balls to a meeting room, or consider throwing an event at a waterpark or beach club!

April in Paris

Recreate your favourite scenes from the movie and infuse your menu and decor with Parisian flair!


Choose from Mardi Gras, or Caribana to add drama and excitment to your event! Tropical music, feathered masks, and street performers are a great way to incorporate this theme into your event.

These are just a few ideas for spring event themes! Which is your favourite? Don’t forget to contact us if you need any assistance with event planning or event rental for your spring event!