Event planners are notorious for gadgets so we thought we’d share some cool gadgets we’ve seen them use, as well as some new cool ones we think could be super beneficial.

1. Grid-It
There is nothing more upsetting than a nightmare of cables all tangled in your bag. Grid-it allows you to fit most of your cables, rechargers and cords that you cannot afford to live without.

2. Lumo Lift
The Lumo Lift vibrates whenever you slouch, making it perfect for the event planner who is constantly on her feet.

3. RavPower External Battery Pack 26800 mAh
If you are serious about using your phone, you most definitely have a battery power pack. You should expect two things from external battery packs. They should be fast and have lots of charging power. RavPower is consistently rated as one of the best in both. You can charge up to three devices simultaneously. It is compatible with Apple products and it runs and runs. That’s what you need!

4. Satechi Smart Travel Router
Have you ever found yourself in a hotel room with a crappy WiFi connection? We have all been there. Something many ignore is that most hotels offer a wired connection, usually much faster than the WiFi. With this neat device you can set up a WiFi network on the go and connect all your devices (bypassing device limit) as well as use it as an adapter for the world.

5. G-Technology Drive
If you run a Mac you will appreciate in this drive the Thunderbolt port that makes transfers very, very fast. Same goes for the USB 3.0 capability, substantially faster than traditional USB ports. Your PC or Mac needs to have 3.0 ports otherwise the benefits are wasted. There is no such thing as enough drive space so 1TB is the absolute minimum.

6. Tile
If you are not familiar with tiles they help you to track anything thanks to bluetooth. Even if you don’t lose things, tile has your back for when other people lose your things – like when you’re in an airport?

I’ve shared some gadgets I believe will make a difference in your tech obsessed daily life. Of course you can keep being an excellent event professional without them, we’ve have just given you a snapshot of the tools we’ve seen industry folk use on a daily basis. Happy planning!