Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? If so, here’s a checklist to help keep you on track!

Up to 3 Days in Advance

Make the glaze for the Turkey; refrigerate.
Make the gravy; refrigerate.
Make the Cranberry Sauce; refrigerate.

Up to 2 Days in Advance

Prep the vegetables; refrigerate.
Prep the Stuffing (but do not bake); refrigerate.
Make the Scalloped Potatoes (but do not bake); refrigerate.

1 Day in Advance
If frozen, transfer the gravy base and/or scalloped potatoes to refrigerator to thaw.

Thanksgiving Morning
Bring the stuffing and potatoes to room temperature.

4 Hours Before the Meal
Roast the turkey.

1 Hour Before the Meal, While the Turkey Rests
Bake the potatoes.
Bake the stuffing.
Finish the gravy.

1/2 Hour Before the Meal

Cook veggies

Just Before the Meal
Carve the turkey.

Happy planning!