Lunch weddings are a great alternative to dinner weddings are an incredibly trendy decision! As many of you know, I’m fully immersed in wedding planning at the moment and I want to share some of my learnings along the way. One of those learnings? Lunch weddings are kind of amazing. Here are some reasons a lunch wedding might be the right choice for you!

Your pick of venues

Some venues are notoriously booked up for wedding season, especially if you are planning within a 6 month window. You will have your pick of venues, because most have availability for daytime functions.

Save money

When you are helping a venue fill a typically empty spot in the calendar, you have some room for negotiation. They will be eager to fill it.

On top of that, your guests won’t eat or drink as much as a dinner.

Unrushed photos

A typical timeline for a lunch reception will be:

– Makeup/hair
– Ceremony
– Lunch reception
– Photos

Because lunch can’t be served mid-afternoon, you end up having your wedding events early in the day (an 11:00am ceremony is common). You can then take your time in the afternoon taking beautiful wedding photos with your photographer. You won’t be rushing to complete them with a reception afterwards, and you can take all the time you need.

With this couple, we even had time to create a beautiful backdrop for them with some of their floral centrepieces from lunch. It was breathtaking and you would not normally be able to do this for a dinner!

A relaxed day

Every couple we speak to will want a relaxed, stress-free day. I guarantee you, a lunch wedding will be as stress free as it gets.

Once you get the wedding events out of the way early on, you have a pretty relaxed schedule the rest of the day. You can even do what you want for dinner! Order in at your hotel suite or have a fancy night out at your favourite restaurant, just the two of you. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend your wedding night.

Are lunch weddings for you?

I’ll be the first to admit that lunch weddings aren’t for everyone. It is best suited for couples who don’t care to dance or who have a small guest count. If you aren’t too fussed about wedding traditions, a lunch wedding can be equally beautiful and memorable. Guests will also be thankful that the wedding events don’t take up the whole day too! Take it from me – lunch weddings are pretty great.