Whether you’re planning business meetings, brainstorming sessions, galas, or team building, the right theme will set the tone for corporate events.

Use your theme to drive decisions about venues, menu selections, messaging, graphics, music and entertainment.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Rubik’s Cube

Ideal for corporate events that involve teams, Rubik’s Cube is a scalable theme that adds a splash of colour to any event.

Create the theme with Rubik’s cubes on tables, coloured table clothes or plates, and even a Rubik’s Cube cake. Ask guests to come in their assigned team colour.

James Bond

When searching for new business opportunities or solutions to challenging business issues, James Bond events will help your team think outside the box. Whether you choose a specific movie to base your event off of (Casino Royale) or go the more generic route – this event should be black tie, serve martinis, and perhaps have a poker table or two.

Luxury Cars

For kick-offs, sales events or to inspire employees to reach new targets, Formula One, Ferrari, or Lamborghini events are a perfect fit. Convey the theme with posters, videos and racing wear for presenters. Holding a team-building exercise at a race track or setting up a retreat where guests get to indulge in stock cars are a great way to really dive into this theme.

1001 Arabian Nights

When you want to add the wow factor for galas and parties, add the wow factor. Create this theme or desert survival at any  indoor or outdoor venue with Persian carpets, low tables, tents, and divan seating or cushions.

These are a few ideas that can help make your next corporate event a huge success that no one will ever forget. What themes are your favourite? Let us know with a comment below!