So you’re planning for an upcoming festival but have no idea where to start? That’s totally fine. Check out our tips for hosting a flawless outdoor festival! Even beyond that though, the most important thing to decide is the theme of your festival! Here are some of our favourite popular festival themes. All you have to do is pick one and run with it!

Food & Drink

If there’s one thing people will always bond over, it’s food. Vegan food, junk food, gourmet food, gluten-free food – these are just a few ideas for your upcoming food-themed festival. Some other popular food-themed festivals include ribs, poutine, mac n’ cheese, and beer and wine! Your options with a food-themed festival are simply endless and these events are always a huge success.


Culture will always bring people together. Whether you’re a member from the specific culture being celebrated or you have an appreciation for the culture, everyone in attendance has the same thing in common and that is to recognize everything a specific culture has to offer. These festivals often include cultural music, foods, and clothing. Toronto’s Caribana is a huge celebration of the Carribean culture and is one of few examples of how successful this kind of festival can be.


Beyond food and culture is music. Music festivals are incredibly popular because they are an easy sell. Have a festival that celebrates rock, rap, soul, pop, house music, tribute bands, or up and coming bands. These festivals often feature multiple artists, occasionally on multiple stages, so ensure you incorporate a large enough event space. If you are leaning towards hosting a music festival, consider checking out our inventory of staging and A/V equipment. Hiring an outdoor events rental company may be your only option at some outdoor venues and it saves you the hassle of installing and cleaning up the mess!


A festival surrounding various passions and hobbies is a slightly more inventive idea as there aren’t as many hobby-themed festivals. Festivals showcasing art, uniting fitness buffs, dancers, photographers, or bloggers is a great way to target a certain group of people and potentially create a name for yourself in a highly saturated festival-market.


Everyone believes in something and has morals and passions they believe in. Creating a festival around a popular cause such as diversity, feminism, anti-animal cruelty or the environment is an opportunity for you to bring together like-minded people who have the same end goal of creating change.

These are just a few of many potential themes for your upcoming outdoor festival. Decide on what kind of festival you’d like to host and don’t forget to check out our inventory for anything you may need! You can also request a free quote from us, here!