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While summer is a favourite time for event planning, there are a lot of things to consider that you may not necessarily need to consider if you’re planning or hosting an event during the other three seasons. Things like the sun, blooming plants and flowers and the weather are all things to consider when planning your outdoor event this summer.

Hydration Station

Whether you’re planning a music festival, marathon, or corporate barbeque, it’s important to ensure you have an ample supply of water for your guests. Even if the temperature isn’t particularly hot, being outdoors in the sun, especially if there is a lack of shade, is a recipe for dehydration and sun stroke. Have a cooler with water or water fountain available throughout the day.


One thing to consider when planning on outdoor event in the summer are the mixture of odors you could potentially experience if you aren’t careful. Port-a-Johns are a good example of something that gets rather unpleasant smelling in the summer heat. Ensuring your portable toilets are far away enough from the food, for example, is something to consider. Another terrible summer smell? Garbage. Be sure the garbage from the site is removed prior to your event so you aren’t dealing with it the day of.


As mentioned previously, if you’re hosting an event outdoors, it’s important to ensure your guests are protected from the outdoor elements, including the sun. The sun on a hot day can be particularly dangerous if guests are exposed to it for too long. Ensuring your venue has trees that can act as shade, or renting tents or canopies is a great way to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion. Tents and canopies also protect your guests from additional elements such as rain, so your event can happen rain or shine. To view our selection of tents and canopies, click here.


Something else to consider when planning an outdoor event this summer, is allergies. Do your guests have allergies? Are there plants and flowers that could cause a sneezing storm at your event? What about bees? The last thing you need is a guest to experience an allergic reaction because bees are attracted to the food and garbage at your event. Having a designated food and garbage area (preferable away from each other) is a good way to prevent traveling bees and unwanted stings and allergic reactions. Cutting the grass several days before your event is another good way to ensure guests with allergies aren’t irritated by fresh cut grass.

These are just a few key things to consider when planning your outdoor event this summer. Did we miss anything? Let us know by sharing a comment below!