The check in process at any event can be incredibly daunting and stressful for both the guests and event planners. Here are 5 tips to make an impact and keep your next event check-in running smoothly!

Stay Organized

As well all know, organization is a large key to our success as an event planner. If you don’t have quality organization in place for your check-in process, it is sure to be chaos. When guests begin arriving ensure you have proper systems in place in order to stay organized throughout the day.

Utilize folders, alphabetize everything and give your system a practice run to ensure nothing is forgotten. During the practice run, ask questions and clarify the way you want the check-in area to run. Identify where there might be challenges in staying organized and come up with a game plan before the big day!

Ensure Proper Flow

Having a check-in zone that flows well will prevent stress for you and keep your staff happy, while also providing a quality first impression for your attendees.

Hire Great Staff or Volunteers

At your check-in area, you want your staff to be friendly, knowledgeable and organized. Hiring or assigning the right people to the job it crucial in having success at your event. You want to find people who have positive attitudes and the ability to stay calm under pressure, as check-in can sometimes be a bit stressful and overwhelming.

Make the Most of Tech

Technology should be a huge part of your check-in process. Try to move as many processes as possible to a digital system.

You can also use tech to increase interaction at your check-in area. Share your event hashtag and encourage your guests to share their initial impressions on their social channels.

Get the Party Started

The event check-in should be a fun and exciting area where guests get pumped up to finally get inside the event. If you have a themed event, be sure the festivities extend out into the check-in area.

Happy planning!