Are you a bride or groom-to-be planning for a wedding? Whether you’re just starting on your planning journey or are in the middle of planning and are looking for a fresh start in 2019, we’ve got some helpful New Year’s resolutions to help keep you on track!

No Wedding Debt

I know those vintage vases for the centerpieces are jaw-droppingly beautiful, but keep an eye on your wallet! Being in debt is not the way to go and you should never take out a loan for your wedding. There are far more important things to invest in your marriage and starting off a new life in debt isn’t one of them. Consider a DIY wedding, renting tuxedos and dresses instead of purchasing, and doing a buffet dinner instead of plated to save costs all around!

Minimize Pinterest Usage

Who doesn’t love Pinterest when it comes to wedding planning? Pinterest can be incredibly helpful in terms of generating ideas, but it can also make you super indecisive. Instead of searching for generic things, consider searching based on your theme or colours to really help narrow it down.

Stick to the Wedding Workout

Whether you’re ‘sweating for the wedding’ or just looking to tone for your honeymoon, consistency is key! Work with a personal trainer to determine your goals and then stick with it. Crash dieting right before the wedding is never a good idea. Remember, it’s a lifestyle change that makes all the difference!

I Won’t be a Bridezilla

Sure, promising to be calm and graceful may seem easy, but so many brides succumb to Bridezilla fever when they’re under pressure. Focus on a few things at a time and be flexible with other aspects of your wedding to keep your stress levels low.

Wedding planning doesn’t always have to be stressful and overwhelming. Take everything in stride and you’ll be just fine.

Happy planning!