Tips for Hosting a Backyard Event

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With the first day of spring behind us, summer weather is finally within our reach. As a host, your responsibilities go far beyond the guest list. Hosting different events at home can get a little bit costly – especially if you’re looking to take advantage of the warm weather more than once this year! Here [...]

11 Favourite DIY Wedding Décor Pieces

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Wedding décor doesn’t have to cost you your first born child, in fact, with sites like Pinterest, DIY-ing is all the rage, so why not hop on the bandwagon, exercise some creative energy, and save some money?! Here are our top 11 Favourite DIY Wedding Décor to help you save on your big day!

Backyard Games for All Occasions

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May 2-4 and Canada Day are right around the corner. Oh, and did we also mention wedding season? There are tonnes of opportunities to invite friends and family to your home to celebrate Canadian holidays or the love of two people. If you’ve taken it upon yourself to be the host for any of these [...]

Event Planning Tips and Tricks!

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So you’re hosting an event and are feeling slightly overwhelmed. You don’t know where to begin, who to call, or if you’re covering all of your bases. The fact is, event planning can be really overwhelming even for the most seasoned event planner, let alone someone who has no background in event planning! There’s no [...]

Permits 101

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So you’re hosting an event in your very own backyard! You’ve got your tents, canopies, Port-A-Johns, seating, and lighting rented from your events company, the date marked on the calendar, and your invitations sent out. Now what? Chances are, depending on the scale of your event, you’ll need permits. I know, I know. Permits sound [...]

Your Backyard Wedding Checklist

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You’ve gone back and forth trying to determine the best venue for your magical day. A church? A garden? The beach? Maybe a destination wedding? Suddenly, it dawns on you. The perfect place to host all of your family and friends and celebrate your love is at home, in your very own backyard. They say [...]

9 Backyard Themed Parties to Host this Summer

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Special occasions don’t typically require a reason to be celebrated. They’re ‘special’, and ‘special’ and ‘celebration’ go together like PB & J. But what if there aren’t any special occasions and you’re looking for an excuse to throw a backyard shindig with your close family and friends (and maybe one or 12 of their family [...]

6 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Outdoor Garden Party

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With patio season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning the perfect outdoor garden party. After a long winter cooped up indoors, there’s nothing better than inviting family and friends out to enjoy a majestic evening in your inviting backyard. There are some key features that will help you create the perfect landscape [...]

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