#1. When registrations and hotel reservations go hand-in-hand, you’re on your way to defying attrition woes and simplifying the hotel reservation process. Presenting registrants with hotel options during registration means one less step for them to worry about later on.

#2. Everyone loves getting something out of the ordinary to feel special; attendees are no exception. Any perks or giveaways you can offer make for a great way to incentivize your attendees to book within your room block:

  • Discounted registration
  • Hotel offers including room service, restaurant credits or spa services
  • Giveaways for local tours, suite upgrades and airport transportation
  • Special perks like event swag and VIP invites to networking events

#3. Why should attendees get all the love? Exhibitors will also buy into your process if you show them additional value.

#4. Attendees are your customers — providing them with the best services in the quickest possible way will ultimately create happy, returning customers. Combining registration and hotel reservation in one system gives attendees real-time access to available hotels in just a few clicks, and keeps all their data in one convenient location.

#5. Getting attendees to your room block is all about making it worth their while. Remind them through email and the event website of the perks that may not always be top of mind:

  • whether it’s in a hotel lobby, elevator ride or dining area, there are numerous opportunities for attendees to connect with each other by staying at the same hotel.
  • staying in the host hotel means less travel time, since attendees are already where they’re supposed to be each morning.
  • with a well-managed room block system in place, attendees will feel supported and have a point of contact for their reservations.

Happy planning!