Reasons Your Attendees Aren’t Loyal

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Loyalty is something all event planners strive for when it comes to recurring events. It takes less marketing dollars to reach return attendees and a good loyal attendee will often do some of your marketing for you through word-of-mouth referrals. No matter how popular your event, you can expect about 10% of attendees won’t return [...]

10 Reasons Event Planners Hate Venues

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Here’s the definitive top 10 reasons why event professionals hate venues. I ask for information, you send me a novel I call at 4pm on Friday and you’re gone for the weekend I bring my client on a site inspection and you tell him about stuff other event companies have done I look for simple [...]

How to Find More Hours in Your Day

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These tips will set you up to increase your productivity, do away with wasted time and seemingly put more hours back into your day. Develop Positive Routines Try to developing positive habits and abide by a schedule when you can. Even small things like returning messages during set hours in the day, will free up [...]

Tips for Finding the Perfect Venue

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How do you ensure you’re always up-to-date on the latest and greatest event venues? How do you earn and justify the “professional” appellation that’s part and parcel of being an event professional? Here are some tips for finding the perfect venue! Accept You Don’t Know Everything The first step to perfect venue knowledge is, paradoxically, to [...]

Pop-Up Events

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How do you host a pop-up event and what should you know about these unique occurrences? Here are 10 things to think about if you’re considering this fast-growing trend. Pop-ups Are as Varied as Traditional Events Offering pop-up events is as broad as saying you plan parties or conferences. There are pop-up dining events (that [...]

Is Event Insurance Necessary?

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In a world where any can be sued for just about everything, it’s always a good idea for Event Planners, especially for solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses, to protect themselves from unplanned incidents that can happen during an event. So how much coverage do you need for an event? Do you need liquor liability in case [...]

Tech Gadgets Every Event Planner Needs

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Event planners are notorious for gadgets so we thought we'd share some cool gadgets we've seen them use, as well as some new cool ones we think could be super beneficial. 1. Grid-It There is nothing more upsetting than a nightmare of cables all tangled in your bag. Grid-it allows you to fit most of [...]

Branding Yourself as an Event Planner

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The events industry is one that continues to grow tremendously year after year, so making a name for yourself can sometimes be hard to do. One key objective whether you’re a newbie to the events crowd, or an accomplished planner is to develop your own signature brand. Here are a few ways you can start [...]

Planning Recurring Events

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It's not unusual for event planners to find themselves planning recurring events for clients. Unfortunately, this means event planners have to ensure they never stop evolving and innovating. So, how does an event planner continue to pull of successful recurring events that never get boring? Here are some of our tips: Riveting Content Next to face-to-face [...]

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