New Years Resolutions for Brides-to-Be

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Are you a bride or groom-to-be planning for a wedding? Whether you're just starting on your planning journey or are in the middle of planning and are looking for a fresh start in 2019, we've got some helpful New Year's resolutions to help keep you on track! No Wedding Debt I know those vintage vases for the [...]

6 Things to Include at Your Engagement Party

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Chances are brides won't be planning their own engagement parties so here are some things to consider to ensure you get the planning just right for them! 1. Decide Who's Hosting Is it the bride, the mother or the bride, the maid-of-honour, a venue? Determine who is hosting and delegate responsibilities so you know who [...]

Planning the Perfect Gender Reveal Party

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As my close family and friends begin to settle down and grow their families, gender reveal parties are becoming more common and recurring in my life. If you find yourself in a similar boat, I've put together some tips to help you in your planning! Create a Theme The whole point of a gender reveal [...]

Event Planning Blogs to Follow

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Though we do our fair share of blogging, we still look to other helpful resources to stay on the ball! Event blogs are chock full of goodies to help organizers and attendees get the most out of their conference planning and event going experience. Check these blogs out to stay inspired! 1. Bizbash Bizbash is one [...]

Putting Together the Perfect Request for Proposal

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Request for proposals (RFPs) are an essential part of the event planning process. Most event organizers send RFPs because they are meeting in a new city and/or do not have an established track record at a particular venue. Here are some tips for creating the perfect RFP: Take time to give the recipient of your RFP [...]

Tips for Hosting a Backyard Event

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With the first day of spring behind us, summer weather is finally within our reach. As a host, your responsibilities go far beyond the guest list. Hosting different events at home can get a little bit costly – especially if you’re looking to take advantage of the warm weather more than once this year! Here [...]

Winter Gala Venues in Ontario

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One of the many beautiful things about Canada is our diverse seasons. This winter, take advantage of the landscapes and fresh season with one of these four venue centres that will make your gala sparkle like the snow! Aquatopia Winter Garden Conservatory Situated on 24 wooded acres in Ottawa with falls and streams, this glass-enclosed [...]

Planning a Memorable Bachelorette Party

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When it comes to planning a bachelorette party that the bride will enjoy, there are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Listen to the Bride Sure, you may want to take her to Thunder From Down Under, but if that's not what she's into, don't make her uncomfortable - this is her night, [...]

Throwing an Awesome Bachelor Party

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As I get older, more and more people around me are getting married and settling down, which made me think - what makes up the perfect bachelor and bachelorette parties? I did some digging and found these tips to share with you: Who to Invite? What once was a gentleman's party where men would gather [...]

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