Tips for Hosting a Backyard Event

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With the first day of spring behind us, summer weather is finally within our reach. As a host, your responsibilities go far beyond the guest list. Hosting different events at home can get a little bit costly – especially if you’re looking to take advantage of the warm weather more than once this year! Here [...]

Things to Consider When Planning a Summer Event

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While summer is a favourite time for event planning, there are a lot of things to consider that you may not necessarily need to consider if you’re planning or hosting an event during the other three seasons. Things like the sun, blooming plants and flowers and the weather are all things to consider when planning [...]

Tips for Executing a Flawless Outdoor Festival

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One thing people look forward to every summer is the variety of outdoor festivals their city has to offer. Whether featuring beer, wine, ribs, music, poutine, or culture, there is sure to be a festival that appeals to everyone. Planning one of these highly sought-after outdoor festivals, on the other hand, can be a bit [...]

Event Planning Tips and Tricks!

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So you’re hosting an event and are feeling slightly overwhelmed. You don’t know where to begin, who to call, or if you’re covering all of your bases. The fact is, event planning can be really overwhelming even for the most seasoned event planner, let alone someone who has no background in event planning! There’s no [...]

9 Backyard Themed Parties to Host this Summer

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Special occasions don’t typically require a reason to be celebrated. They’re ‘special’, and ‘special’ and ‘celebration’ go together like PB & J. But what if there aren’t any special occasions and you’re looking for an excuse to throw a backyard shindig with your close family and friends (and maybe one or 12 of their family [...]

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